Wild Holidays

Wild Holidays targets destinations off the usual tourist routes, to allow you to enjoy the preserved beauty of nature. No matter if you want to get out of town for a weekend trek or fully dive into the wilderness for several days or weeks. We understand our role as travel companions who want to show you these stunning places you could not access by yourself. We invite you to discover unknown places in a sustainable and Eco-friendly way.

Come Join Us!

Next to our regular programs in the Himalayas, we also organize various short treks around Mumbai and all over India. In our “Campfire Stories” blog, you will find all the short treks and safaris that are not part of the annual itinerary, but which are planned for the coming weeks. If you are a group of people with specific interests – like bird watching or herbal medicine – we will be happy to organize and customize a specific trip only for you!

Preserving our Environment

Education is the key to raise awareness and change people’s everyday behavior towards nature, which is often harmful and inconsiderate. It is with this vision that Wild Holidays manages the Bhavan’s Nature and Adventure Centre in Mumbai since 2009. The centre has already welcomed more than 40.000 students, and provided them with valuable lessons on environmental issues – such as the protection of biodiversity, sustainability, renewable energies and animal welfare – outside the classroom.

Why Travel with Us

  • 30 years of experience in trekking in the Himalayas
  • Discover India’s natural beauties far off usual tourist tracks
  • Experience pure wilderness and clear starry night skies
  • Travel with a companion rather than an operator
  • Learn about yourself and go beyond limits