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Wild Holidays

Wild Holidays is one of the pioneers in the field of Eco-tourism in India, organizing camps and treks in remote areas of India, particularly the Himalayas, for more than 30 years. Re-named in 1992, the Wild Holidays concept was born in the mind of Himanshu Prem Joshi in the mid-1980s, deeply rooted in his love for nature and the desire to spread awareness on protection and propagation of biodiversity and the environment. Nature Education, Wildlife Conservation and Creating Nature Leaders remain some of the prime objectives of Wild Holidays.

Starting as a volunteer in the nature camps organized by Lav Kumar Khacher, he came up with the idea to set up a structure to promote outdoors adventures and nature discovery, and the Ahmedabad Nature Lovers Association was founded in 1985, along with few youngsters who joined hands for running Nature Awareness programmes. Some years later in Mumbai, he established a small Eco-tourism company providing alternative holidays options based on nature adventures and the discovery of India’s natural and cultural landscape. Wild Holidays was born.

Wild Holidays has helped create Bhavan’s Nature and Adventure Centre, a unique forum for exchange and sharing of knowledge among youngsters, in the heart of Mumbai. Wild Holidays regularly contributes a portion of its profits towards philanthropic activities, often aiming at nature education.

Our Philosophy

Meet Our Team

With nearly three million sq km of land, India has one of the most amazing diversity in landscapes and biodiversity in the world! From the mountains of the Himalayas, to the backwaters of Kerala and millions of hectares of forests and jungles that inspired The Jungle Book.

Wild Holidays aims to rekindle people with this amazing natural diversity, and increase their awareness of environment and biodiversity while enjoying the outdoors.

Life is too short to experience it from the comfort of a hotel room! So grab your hiking shoes and set off to explore the world, one step after the other. You will soon discover that nothing makes up for a better memory than a night spent by the campfire gazing at stars and learning how to spot constellations.

Wild Holidays takes you off road on a journey paved with mountain treks, river crossing, rafting, camping in unbelievable settings, jungle safaris, swims in ice-cold waterfalls, and many more adventures.

As diverse as India’s natural habitats are its local cultures. For most people who have grown up and lived in cities all their lives, off road encounters with local populations from remote areas of India are unique learning experiences.

Wild Holidays travelers are invited to experience first hand local cultures, discovering local populations’ specific food and cultural habits, languages and stories, and learning from their way of interacting with their environment.

Nothing makes us grow more than undertaking (and overcoming!) a challenge. Going past our own limits and broadening our horizons allows us to gain confidence, and to become better individuals.

Wild Holidays’ dream is to enable each and every individual to reach the best of her/himself, providing them with new environments and with the challenges they need to discover their inner self and set on a journey to ever increasing their potential.

Himanshu Prem Joshi
Himanshu Prem JoshiEducator & Founder of Wild Holidays
Himanshu founded Wild Holidays in 1992. A former Education Officer for the WWF–MMRDA project Mahim Nature Park, he has been actively involved in biodiversity and environmental protection for decades. He has been organizing treks and excursions in remote areas of Himalayas, Ladakh, Himachal, Sikkim, Arunachal, Orissa, Kerala, and others, since 1982.

He has contributed to articles and talks on nature and environment in newspapers, radio, television and other forms of media. He continues to give lectures at educational institutions and clubs, next to mentoring individuals towards discovering their own potential.

Louie Mendes
Louie MendesOrganizer & Coordinator
Louie joined Wild Holidays about 15 years ago, after being on many of the treks himself. Working as a trip coordinator and a guide allows him to combine his work and private passion of being into the wild. Feel free to contact Louie directly for any inquiries concerning Wild Holidays camps and safaris!
Prashant Gokarankar
Prashant GokarankarNature Interpreter
Prashant is well versed with Birds,Butterflies and Forest.He is keen observer and enjoys sharing his learning with others.He has been frequently taking Nature Trails for Maharashtra Nature Park,Bombay Natural History society,Bhavan’s Nature Adventure Centre & various organisations.
Prabhu Swami
Prabhu SwamiNature Interpreter
Prabhu enjoys being out in the field.He began as a Rescuer of creatures in distress and has been exploring wilderness.He is attracted to the Animal world and loves sharing information on this subject.

Our Concept

The concept of Wild Holidays is simple. It takes individuals with a sense of adventure on exploration trips throughout India’s unbeaten paths. Travelling in a sustainable and eco-friendly way, without luxury but with a focus on simplicity and joyous co-existence, participants are invited to experience nature in all its beauty and diversity, to discover remote areas of India, their specific cultures and traditions, challenge themselves and develop their own abilities by leaving behind their everyday comfort.

Treks, safaris and camps do not make themselves dependent on the availability of amenities such as hotels and restaurants, and consequently remain far off the usual tourist tracks. While each trip includes specific highlights and key spots, the journey as a whole remains flexible and organic. Embarking on a Wild Holidays adventure is contributing to shaping the journey and not just being led onto it. A less touristic holidays option, Wild Holidays trips are also well into a lower price range.