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Assam – Arunachal – Meghalaya Safari – 11 days/14 days trek

Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya are three of the Seven Sister States of North East India. Located south of the eastern Himalayas, they share international borders with Bhutan and Bangladesh in the west, Myanmar in the east, and China in the north. Due to their geographical location, their culture, climate and people are similar to those of South East Asia. These three states are connected to the rest of India via a small 22 km-strip of land in West Bengal referred to as the “Chicken’s Neck”.

Assam is best known for its tea and silk production, as well as for its efforts in the conservation of endangered species, such as the one-horned  Indian Rhinoceros. It also provides one of the last wild habitats for the Asian elephant. Because it receives more rainfall than most parts of India, Assam is know for its lush and beautiful environment.

Arunachal Pradesh, the “Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains” in Sanskrit, is also known as the Orchid State of India or the Paradise of the Botanists. Its diverse culture and traditions also make it the Indian state with the highest number of regional languages. The state is divided into five river valleys, all of which are fed by snow and countless large and small rivers.

Meghalaya, with the poetic meaning of “The Abode of Clouds” in Sanskrit, was part of the state of Assam until 1972. It is the wettest state of India, and the majority of its surface (70%) is forested – its forests are notable for their biodiversity of mammals, birds and plants. Shillong Peak (6,434 ft) is the highest point in Meghalaya, overlooking the city of Shillong.

Highlights on this journey

  • Rhinoceros Spotting
  • Forest Biodiversity
  • Gompas
  • Caves and Waterwalls
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Rs3700014 days

Locations covered: Guwahati – Kaziranga National Park – Kamakhya Temple – Tawang Monastery – Madhuri Lake – Sela Pass – Cherrapunjee Waterfalls – Caves  & more

Note: While all the above mentioned locations are covered during the trip, weather conditions and prevailing circumstances may always influence the order of the itineraries generally planned in advance. With over 25 years of Wild Holidays operating in this remote region, and with our trips remaining as organic and responsive to the vagaries of nature as possible, our itineraries remain flexible and adaptive.

Remark: This region has harsh climatic conditions, with temperatures often going below 0ºC. The programme requires patience, endurance and ability to cope with changes in fluctuating environments.


If you wish to travel at a different time or/and if you wish to travel with a group of your friends or family, Wild Holidays is happy to customize this trip to your specific needs and requirements. Just drop us a line!

Reporting point – Guwahati (1 day before departure)
End point – Guwahati

Reporting by evening 5pm latest, on Day 0

Safari usually starts daily at 6 am

Day 1-3         Safari – travel days
Day 4            Sightseeing
Day 5-6         Safari – travel days
Day 7             Rest day
Day 8-9         Safari – travel days
Day 10          Rest day
Day 11/15    Package ends after breakfast

Accommodation varies between tents and simple guesthouses, depending on the stage of the journey. To allow adaptability and flexibility, accommodations are not booked in advance –  exception made of the nights at reporting/departure point. Accommodation is on a 3-4-person basis.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided, with tea interludes wherever possible.
Meals include unlimited vegetarian simple food with fixed menu (locally available).

Rough clothing, both warm and light
Heavy woolen sweater/jacket or good wind jacket
Woolen cap, gloves, socks and hat
Good pair of hiking shoes
Sanitary case (towel, tissue roll, etc), medicines
Sunglasses and sunscreen/Vaseline
Torch, water bottle, camera, spare batteries, binoculars, notepad, pen, dry snacks, etc.

Ever-smiling face (compulsory)!

What is included

  • Unlimited vegetarian food + Tea
  • Accommodation in tents and guest houses
  • Orientation meeting prior to departure
  • Sight-seeing by jeep or mini bus
  • Personal expenses – laundry, mineral water, soft drinks, shopping, medicine
  • Emergency situation costs
  • Transport to/from reporting point

Cancellation Policy:

Rs. 3,000 deduction for cancellation more than 65 days before departure
Rs. 5,000 deduction for cancellation 11-65 days before departure
Rs. 10,000 deduction for cancellation up to 10 days of before departure .
Rs. 20,000 deduction for cancellation for no show/ no information until departure day

Camp Rules
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